Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays: "Chinese" Things You Won't See at Our Wedding

Other than having beef with what's labeled Asian, I also have beef with what most Americans think is traditionally Chinese. I've seen a lot of weddings where couples do Chinese themed weddings using what most people outside of Asia would consider Chinese, but the traditional Chinese in me just won't do it. If I were an American Chinese, I may, but I have to stay true to my heritage and honor it. Besides, if my relatives from Hong Kong come to my wedding, they probably won't understand the meaning behind these so-called Chinese elements.

So, here's what you WON"T find at our wedding:

"Chinese" Takeout Containers - Yes, believe it, they're not authentically Chinese. I didn't grow up seeing these in Hong Kong. I don't care how cute manufacturers make them look these days for parties. I won't do it.

Above image from The Knot

Fortune Cookie - Although they are served in Chinese restaurants throughout the U.S., they're not traditionally Chinese. From what I understand, the cookies were first made by a Chinese immigrant in California, but they didn't originate from China nor Hong Kong. What we eat at the end of a meal is usually fresh fruits, not fortune cookies.

Above image from The Knot

Don't look for the above when you're in China or HK, and certainly don't look for them at our wedding. On a related note, if you're in China or HK, don't ask for General Tso's Chicken either. They won't understand you even if you translated that into Chinese.

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