Monday, March 9, 2009

Snack Serves a Real Meal

Don't be fooled by its name - Snack is not a place for snacks, but meals. It's a nice cozy restaurant in NYC serving Greek fare. I've heard about this place years ago, but had never gone to check it out. We went there for lunch at the suggestion of my fiance, and it was satisfying.

Although the restaurant was small (pretty much elbow to elbow), the service was pleasant and attentive. My server commented on how excellent their spinach pie was when I ordered felt good to have positive confirmation. The pie came with a side - I was feeling adventurous, so I picked Taramosalata (carp roe dip).

The dip was much too salty, but I enjoyed my warm spinach pie very much. It was basically spinach wrapped by phyllo dough. The flakiness of the phyllo was crunchy and light, but also rich at the same time because of the butter used to adhere the flaky layers together. The filling had a nice mix of flavorful spinach, onions and spices.

My fiance had their lamb sandwich and said it was the best lamb sandwich (or even sandwich alone) he's ever had. What a compliment!

Overall, the food's good (you can see and taste the quality), the portions are well-sized and the service was pleasant. I left feeling good...not overly stuffed, mad at the waiter or feeling ripped off. I would go back to Snack anytime.

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