Friday, February 27, 2009

Bouchon Bakery

My fiance and I ventured to Time Warner Center in NY a while ago in search for macarons from Bouchon Bakery and stayed there for lunch. It's got such a nice nice that I had to snap pictures like a tourist (from NY). If you want the scenery and light French fare at France prices, Bouchon is the right place for you. Don't get me wrong, they serve a very fine meal, but you really pay up for it.

My fiance had a pricey Kobe beef sandwich (he said it was good and melts in your mouth) while I had their quiche of the day, which was spinach and cheese. Let me tell you, it was the most delicate and different quiche ever! Most quiches I've had in the past were dense and solid; not this one. Bouchon's version was tender and almost like an egg custard. It also had a very nice crunchy and flavorful crust. I could tell its texture was different when it jiggled as it was placed on our table. The quiche was served with a side salad, which I thought was flavorful, but a bit on the salty side.

And then there were the macacrons...sadly, these weren't close to what we had in Paris from Laudree. The macarons from Bouchon were quite sizable, almost as large as those from La Maison du Chocolat. Macarons from these two places were almost flat because of their size. The ones from Bouchon had more texture than those from La Maison du Chocolat, but more moist than I remembered our macarons to be from Laudree. Anyways, we got the vanilla, pistachio, chocolate and passion fruit flavors from Bouchon. The flavors were fine, but lacked the rich butter taste. The passion fruit flavor really packed a punch.

Overall, the Bouchon Bakery is a good place to splurge. I will go back when my wallet gets full again. Well, at least I left without feeling getting ripped off - I got a satisfying quality meal out of Bouchon. In the meantime, I'll just keep on dreaming about their quiche.

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