Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Cream for Hong Kong Taste Buds

I think I've beaten eating in Hong Kong to death. I'm telling you, I have enough material from Hong Kong for another whole month of blogging. That's how much I ate. It's THAT scary.

Anyways, let's move onto another one of my favorite foods out there - ice cream! People from the States probably aren't familiar with this one particular flavor and may perhaps raise their eyebrows, but Taro ice cream really works. In fact, my sister and I grew up on this in Hong Kong.

Above, us digging into the wonderful Taro ice cream

Taro is a root vegetable commonly found in Chinese cooking - you've seen it in my dim sum posts. Its flavor is rather mild but fragrant. I know Taro ice cream may sound odd, but there is just something about it. So when I saw this flavor on display at Scoop in HK (it's the equivalent of Cold Stone in the States), I just had to have it for old times sake. If you're not familiar with either Scoop or Cold Stone, here's how it works: you pick your ice cream flavor and fresh ingredients, and they mix them all together on a frozen surface.

The Taro ice cream was so good! The flavor was intense, and it had such a wonderful Taro aroma. We added almond slices in there, which went perfectly with the Taro flavor. We also had walnut and sponge cake in there, but I didn't care much for them. Other than Taro, Scoop has your usual Vanilla and Chocolate, Green Tea, and even Tofu! I tasted the was flavorless, but I didn't hate it at all.

Above, your typical ice cream flavors in HK - Green Tea and Taro

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