Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ChikaLicious, Round II

I couldn't go to ChikaLicious again without blogging about it! My fiance and I went there recently to celebrate my bday, and it was perfect as always. They have new exciting items on their menu all the time...every visit is truly a different experience.

As always, Chika started us off with a palate cleanser of granny smith apple sorbet on a bed of gelee. The sorbet was pure apple...you can really taste it.

My fiance order Kumquat with Polenta and Vanilla Ice Cream. If you're a kumquat lover, you'll definitely like this. It was so clever and inventive of Chika to serve it with polenta, which isn't usually associated with dessert. I was so happy to have a taste of the Vanilla Ice Cream - it was so rich in Vanilla flavor and was pure heaven. And did I mention that the color of the kumquat matched with the orange floral design on the cute plate?

As for my plate, I had the Poached Pear on a crispy bird nest with Burbon Molasses Ice Cream. The pear was warm and so rich in pear aroma. On top of that, the pear flavor was accentuated with vanilla bean. The crispy bird nest was perfect - it was light and crispy. The combination of the moist and creamy pear and crispy bird nest was a perfect contrast. The ice cream was such a perfect complement to the star of the plate...I couldn't taste the burbon, but the molasses flavor was excellent.

ChikaLicious is such a gem. You really feel the originality, care and detail they put into their menu. Every ingredient tastes like what it should and even better. Shall I say perfect again?

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