Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dim Sum Run Down: Jumbo

Jumbo is the floating restaurant that's in virtually all the Hong Kong travel guide books. It's rather touristy, and I thought that this was one of those places that have the spectacular view but not the food to match. My cousin said that dinner there isn't good, but dim sum is okay to good there. Well, my dim sum experience there changed my mind.

Getting there was quite entertaining - in order to get to the restaurant, you have to take their boat, which takes you to the restaurant directly. It was a scenic ride...you pass by various fishing boats in the harbor.

The decor inside was quite impressive. It's the old school royal Chinese style.

The following is a sample list of what we had:

  • Shrimp Dumpling (蝦餃) - They were surprisingly good. Not the best, but good.

  • Deep Fried Bean Sheet Roll Filled with Fresh Shrimp (鮮蝦腐皮捲) - These tasted good, but the outside could be crunchier.

  • Deep Fried Dace Ball with Clam Sauce (鯪魚球) - Crunchy outside, soft inside. Tasty.

  • Osmanthus Jelly (桂花榚) - This is one of my favorite desserts in Hong Kong. It's so delicate, fragrant (from the osmanthus flower) and light. Simple and delicious. I'm definitely going to attempt to make this.

But wait, the Jumbo experience doesn't end with food! You can visit the back of the restaurant for a history of the place and see what's in their many seafood tanks.

All in all Jumbo did not disappoint when it comes to dim sum. Definitely give it a try when you're in Hong Kong.

Jumbo Kingdom (珍寶王國)

Shum Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang (香港仔黃竹坑深灣碼頭徑)

Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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