Monday, June 28, 2010

Anniversary Donuts

In a blink of an eye, my husband and I reached our first wedding anniversary! To celebrate this occasion, I made a batch of donuts holes, which were what we had the morning after our wedding at Double Crown, a sister restaurant of Public. We had originally planned to go our favorite brunch spot (Public) the day after our wedding, but sadly it was booked for an event. The donut holes at Double Crown were the specials that day, and they were served with a yummy tropical sauce.

The idea of making donuts for our anniversary hit me when I stumbled upon a baked donut recipe. The fact that they were baked (=healthy) made it perfect! They weren't the easiest thing to make though. I had trouble with my yeast to start, but they came out pretty well I thought, except for one thing, which I will show you to come. After I made the dough, I used my cookie cutters to make the donut holes. This is what they looked like after a second rise:

Here they are piping hot out of the oven:

As you can see, my donuts came out looking more like bagels. I'll make sure to use a larger cookie cutter next time. However, I thought the size of the donut holes were perfect.

Here's the final product after a dip in butter and sugar & cinnamon. I made a pineapple coulis (puréed pineapple, lemon juice and sugar) to complete our trip down memory lane.

I thought the texture and taste of the baked donuts were similar to sweet Chinese buns. Overall, these no guilt donuts weren't bad at all!

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