Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brasitas Hits the Tastebuds (and Wallet)

As you may already know, I wasn't impressed by Stamford's (lack of) restaurant scene. I have learned though that I'm fine with the town as long as I don't compare it to NYC. In an attempt to explore Stamford and for the love of food, I put myself on a mission to find the best eats in Stamford. I did some research to see what the locals eat, and made myself a cheat sheet that's wallet sized. I'm knocking off the restaurants on my list out one by one...I've checked out Colony Grill for pizza, Robeks for juice & smoothies, Brasitas (review below) and SoNo Baking in the neighboring Norwalk for my sweet tooth. I'm happy to report that Brasitas was worth checking out, if not just once.

My husband and I stopped by Brasitas, a
Spanish Latino restaurant, for a late lunch and were happy we did. We were treated to a tasty salsa with plantain chips after ordering from their menu. I couldn't stop eating their salsa, and the server had even refilled the chips because he knew I wanted more. Aside from the salsa, we also had their ceviche (Ceviche Brasitas) and shrimp quesadilla (Langostino Quesadilla). I have no complaints about them, with the exception of the quesadilla, which I thought would be filled with shrimp as opposed to being served with shrimp on the side.

Overall, I thought the restaurant quality was good. With most of the appetizers in double digits, I thought Brasitas' prices could be more wallet friendly. If I go to Brasitas again, I will definitely stick to lunch to stretch my buck, as their dinner entrees are north of $20. With those prices, I'd rather hop on a train (or a car) and dine in NYC.

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