Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays: Payard

My husband (so weird to say that!) and I ventured to Payard a while ago to check out their macarons (my fav) and had some desserts while we were at it. I had even gotten a good look at the master, Francois Payard, who is famous for his delicious French desserts.

Everything we had was heavenly. We tried the Opera, which is a cake with Chocolate Ganache layered between chocolate sponge cake. It was rich and moist.

The macarons we tried include Chocolate, Raspberry and Pistachio. Their taste was pretty close to the macarons we had in Laudree - rich in butter. But they lack the shine that I recall seeing from Laudree. My favorite macaron in Payard is Pistachio, which was obvious rich in butter (the raspberry was filled with fruit preserves and the chocolate was filled with some kind of chocolate cream). The chocolate was inventive in the chocolate shavings finish.

Although we tried out a good number of Payard's desserts, what's on my wish list from them is their Croquembouche (French cream puff cake), which was the cake for our wedding. They look too pretty to eat!

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