Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Survived!

I finally went to see my wedding dress, which came in almost 3 months ago. I brought my mom and sister with me, the two toughest women in my life, and I survived!

I wasn't worried about my sister at all; it was my mom I was worried about. I did not take her gown shopping with me, so she had not seen my dress yet. She said all of the things I expected (and more). I knew her initial silence when she saw the dress was not good. She had issues about the "smallness" of the gown (it wasn't grand enough), the material, workmanship, etc. Fortunately, my sister stepped in to support me...thanks sis!

In the end, I thought it went better than expected. I didn't pull my hair out, nor did I cry.

Oh yeah, thank you to my lovely and patient fiance, who drove us around searching for mother of the bride and bridesmaid dresses. :-*

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