Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fruits of Our Labor

A couple of months back, my sister and I planted some flowers in her yard. Unfortunately, all of the hydrangea bulbs we planted were eaten by presummably very hungry creatures. Luckily, our Dahlias and Calla Lilies survived.

The Dahlias haven't bloomed yet, but will very soon (so exciting!). They grow very interestingly...their stems wind in a loop on the ground before shooting up straight. My sister added some wires to support these little babies.

As for the Calla Lilies...we had planted some multi-colored ones. The ones that bloomed were the pink variation. They have a slight purple edge.

We made an amazing discovery a while sister has a pear tree in her backyard! Free fruit is really gonna help with the wallet since the price of food has been going up. I just hope we get there before the birds do.

That's all for now. I'll show you some tomatoes and herbs next time!

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