Friday, December 11, 2009

No Tree for Christmas :-(

Yup, no Christmas tree for us. I was hoping to have our first tree together in our first new home, but I don't even know if we'll be moved in by then. I can always resort to admiring the Rockefeller tree, which, by the way, came from Connecticut this year. Go CT!

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My next hope is to have blossoms for a very romantic Chinese New Year (it falls on Valentine's day this year) in our new home. The popular flowers for the lunar new year include peach blossoms 桃花 (below) and the very fragrant narcissus 水仙花.

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Here are our family's beautiful blossoms many years ago, decorated to the nines with lucky red envelopes ("lai see" 利是)
by my mother. The yellow blossoms resemble gold, and literally showers us with gold when these blossoms fall onto the ground.

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