Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How I spent my weekend (part 2)

While I was held hostage at my sister's this past weekend, I was commissioned to bake chocolate chip cookies (twice!).

I have not baked any chocolate chocolate chip cookies I liked...until now. Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a great recipe without all that sugar and butter (it's called Outrageous Chocolate Cookies). Normally, I use less sugar & butter than recipes require when baking. Not this one.

The result? A slight crunch on the outside, and a soft chewy inside. Yum!
I have to say I improvised a bit. Instead of using all semi-sweet chocolate, I used some bittersweet chocolate in the recipe. I also added walnuts for texture & taste. I'll try adding coffee next time - it's supposed to enhance chocolate's flavor.

Oh, and here are my sister's creation at the end of this post. Isn't she so talented? Not only did she "make" these, she's the photographer here too.


Ailsa said...

awesome! where's the recipe? : )

Anonymous said...

I believe I've found the recipe in my drawer!!!! : )